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Learn Survival Mandarin - Individual Tutoring

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Price List

Online group: $ 380.00
Local group:from $ 380.00
Trial lesson: $35.00/ 30 min (Online Only)

Please contact us for the price of Local group tutorial (<5) and Local class tutorial (<15)

Currency : Australian Dollar
Payment Method : Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit, Cash, Paypal for online and local lessons.
Cash is also accepted for local lessons.

Survival Mandarin course I

Survival Mandarin Couse I course is based on daily life scenarios, specially catering to the needs of surviving in China. You will learn the most useful words, phrases and sentences and after completion of the course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese to the extent that is necessary to survive in China.

Recommended Lessons : 10 lessons

Survival Mandarin Course I - Areas of study

  • Shopping and money
  • What's the date today
  • What time is it
  • Visiting friends
  • Asking name and introducing
  • Expressing like / dislike - Hobbies
  • Expressing like / dislike - Food
  • Transportation, ask for directions
  • Simple Vocabularies writing

Survival Mandarin course II

Survival Mandarin course II course helps you learn words, phrases and sentences in more complicated scenarios. It's very useful for students who intend to live in China for a long term.

Recommended Lessons : 10 lessons

Survival Mandarin Course II - Areas of study

  • The weather
  • Answering phone calls
  • finishing phone calls
  • Communicate in travel related situations
  • Book tickets and hotel rooms
  • Rent/buy and furnish a house/apartment
  • Simple bargain
  • Talk about education
  • Work in China
  • Talk about health and environment
  • Visit hospital
  • Simple phrases writing.

For more details , please contact us on (02) 8003 5903 or use our contact form.

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