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Online Course Enrollment Form

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Online Course Enrollment Form

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STEP 1 : Enroll the online course. Complete the enrollment form on the left, then click "Enroll Now". Your form will be sent to us.

STEP 2 : Finalize Payment. You will receive an email from us, which confirms your enrollment and request payment. Please pay the cost of your course, via any of below methods:

  • Electronic funds transfer
    Account Name: Candy Tang
    Bank: Commonwealth Bank
    BSB: 062 217 Account Number: 10 790 675
    Please write your name on this transfer and provide us with a copy of
    your bank transfer receipt or receipt number.

  • By Paypal & Credit card
    Credit Card will be Charged through Paypal, Please visit Paypal.com
    Account: sales@mandarinstudy.com.au

STEP 3 : An invoice will be sent to you after we have received your payment.

STEP 4 : Start online lessons by choosing your preferred instant messenger software, eg: LIVE MESSENGER. MSN, SKYPE, GOOGLE TALK.

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