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Our team of mandarin teachers

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Candy Tang

Specialized in adults, business and kid's mandarin

I enjoy working with advanced users of Mandarin for business purposes. I take pride in my work and I take great satisfaction from working with professionals that share my motivation and aim to become users of the Mandarin language.

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Joanne Li

With Tertiary Education Qualification and over 20 years of mandarin teaching experience with children and adults, I understand the difficulties at the different learning stages. Be patient to every learner with my enthusiasm and Chinese literature, I believe that I can let the learner find lots of fun in studying Mandarin.  

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Nancy Tang

With secondary education Bachelor Degree, I have high communication ability in both english and Mandarin Chinese, and able to adapt in different situations. I also have a strong sense of responsibility, steady and have the consciousness of group.

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Echo Deng

Teaching is my long term goal. I’ve helped students progress massively in Mandarin learning in the past teaching. I enjoy the time with students.

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Jolin Jiang

Language is an art. The way to learn a foreign language well is to feel it and enjoy it. I'm a native Mandarin speaker who has passion and pleasure to share my understanding of Chinese Language and Oriental Culture with others. I believe that language studying is a journey of having fun, exploring different cultures and broadening the mind. Enjoy this journey!

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Nicole Liang

With Bachelor Degree of secondary education at USYD, I am highly skilled in providing academic assistance and creating a positive learning environment to develop students’ ability in Mandarin. I have the competency to lead and motivate students and strong communication skills in English. As a background Chinese, I would like to share my enthusiasm for Chinese language and culture.

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Ye Su

Specialized in kids mandarin

With more than 7 years of mandarin and Chinese literature teaching experience in the fields of secondary and tertiary education communities. I have consistently dedicated to provide a stimulating and enthusiastic class to meet requirements of students . Language studying is a difficult but conquerable, sophisticated but interesting procedure which involved a series of activities.

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Adele Chen

I have 6 years of Mandarin teaching experience and gained my Bachelor Degree of Teaching Chinese as A Second Language. So I have the very first hand experience and the passions to make more people enjoy speaking Mandarin. No matter you want to learn Business  Mandarin, kids mandarin, survival mandarin ,HSK and so on.

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Shujing Heng

I Always believe there is no short cut to learn a language but a good teahcer can make a real difference. Born in a language teachers' family and experienced in learning and teaching process, I understand how language learners feel and what they need most. My dynamic teaching style and very patient manners to students at various level will make learning Mandarin different.

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