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Our team of mandarin teachers

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Candy Tang

Specialized in adults, business and kid's mandarin

I enjoy working with advanced users of Mandarin for business purposes. I take pride in my work and I take great satisfaction from working with professionals that share my motivation and aim to become users of the Mandarin language.

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Jolin Jiang

Language is an art. The way to learn a foreign language well is to feel it and enjoy it. I'm a native Mandarin speaker who has passion and pleasure to share my understanding of Chinese Language and Oriental Culture with others. I believe that language studying is a journey of having fun, exploring different cultures and broadening the mind. Enjoy this journey!

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Vanessa Pan

I‘ve obtained my bachelor degree of education and have been taught Mandarin for 3 years. My personality is outgoing and hardworking.  I enjoy working in a challenging environment.
I love to teach and explore many effective ways to teach. Becoming a perfect teacher is always my goal.

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Olivia Gao

I believe if an individual wants to be expertise in any language, this person should know the culture, history, and ideology behind this language. I guess this is an excellent opportunity for me to share with you about Mandarin, and many exciting things beyond language itself. I will use all my knowledge to support your Chinese learning. In the meanwhile, I am also engaged in Education Degree to sharpen my skills.


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Emily Sun

I am a qualified Chinese language teacher with eight years of teaching experience. I am a native speaker with excellent pronunciation. Committed to promoting appreciation for Chinese culture, history, and literature. Patient and friendly with students and dedicated to providing an engaging and valuable experience to pupils in the classroom.


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Sunny Liu

I originally come from Tianjin China and have been in Australia for over 10 years.  One of the best ways to learn Chinese is from life like reading Chinese books and watch Chinese dramas.  I’m a positive, humorous, and patient teacher, and love to experience new things. Come to join my classes and let's have fun together!


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