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Our team of mandarin teachers

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Candy Tang

Specialized in adults, business and kid's mandarin

I enjoy working with advanced users of Mandarin for business purposes. I take pride in my work and I take great satisfaction from working with professionals that share my motivation and aim to become users of the Mandarin language.

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Emma Zhu

I have 5 years of mandarin teaching experience and have gained Teaching Certificate for Higher Education and Mandarin Certificate. Learn a new language can help to understand different culture, know about a country’s past and present, and give you insight to cultural differences and similarities.

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Nancy Tang

With secondary education Bachelor Degree, I have high communication ability in both english and Mandarin Chinese, and able to adapt in different situations. I also have a strong sense of responsibility, steady and have the consciousness of group.

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Joanne Li

With Tertiary Education Qualification and over 20 years of mandarin teaching experience with children and adults, I understand the difficulties at the different learning stages. Be patient to every learner with my enthusiasm and Chinese literature, I believe that I can let the learner find lots of fun in studying Mandarin.  

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Jolin Jiang

Language is an art. The way to learn a foreign language well is to feel it and enjoy it. I'm a native Mandarin speaker who has passion and pleasure to share my understanding of Chinese Language and Oriental Culture with others. I believe that language studying is a journey of having fun, exploring different cultures and broadening the mind. Enjoy this journey!

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