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About Mandarin Study

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Mandarin study (ABN: 69 780 778 294) - Group and Private tutor for you to Learn Chinese Mandarin

We are the member of Australian Tutor Association.

In today’s world, we are getting closer with China and the communicatsions are more often than ever. More and more people want to know China and understand Chinese culture. It’s recorded that nearly 40 million people are studying mandarin now. As a result, learning Chinese Mandarin plays an important role.

No matter you are interested in learning Basic mandarin for simple daily conversations; Business mandarin to survive in an office or an enterprise; Travel mandarin to for a beautiful holiday in China, etc. Mandarin Study can help you on Mandarin speaking, reading and writing within just a few months' mandarin study.

With private tutor, Mandarin Study focuses on each student's needs and progress. We provide customized lessons and let students master in Mandarin efficiently.

Our Vision & Values

Mandarin Study is an Australian training organisation based in Sydney providing practical training for people seeking to learn how to speak/write Mandarin.

Our courses are offered to individuals and corporations and are designed to improve the student's Mandarin language skills.

The curriculum is built across the 6 core components of:

Our courses have been developed using the expertise and real world experience of language teachers, business managers and career management experts.

Tutorial is practical, interactive and demanding. It is designed to ensure that participants develop rapidly and gain all the skills and knowledge needed.

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